Manifesto (Disclaimer)

We believe brands exist to provide utility to consumers. Without utility, creativity is useless. Any idea we bring to a client will be insightful, desirable and useful. An observation is not an insight. If we have nothing new to say, we will say nothing. We value being respected by our clients over being liked. We are passionate about our agency and our opportunities. We are more passionate about the opportunities our clients have within the challenges of their business. Everything has a purpose. Nothing exists without function. In an unpredictive world it is challenging to clearly communicate your purpose amongst the noise. We believe the purpose is best conveyed by providing utility through brand experiences. Phenomblue leverages unmet consumer needs to create business opportunities for our clients.


Within a predictive interaction model, like television, the execution is simple and straightforward:

  1. Select the target demographic
  2. Create a spot
  3. Run the spot
  4. Collect viewer data

This predictive interaction model is also similar to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), typically referred to as “digital” or “interactive” advertising.

In some way, nearly every brand interaction is digital.

In an SEM campaign, marketers buy a keyword, direct someone to a website and ask that person to take action. This is predictable. The outcome is foreseen, and the model can be controlled.


In an unpredictive interaction model, the model cannot be controlled. People are engaged and then managed through perpetual analysis, response and adjustment as best as possible.

Take a message on a social media site. As marketers, we:

  1. Post the message
  2. The message gets pulled into someone’s blog, where it’s commented on
  3. Someone then writes a post responding on his/her personal blog and links back to the comment section
  4. That blog post is then pulled into a major publisher’s website and is commented on several hundred times

All of this influences brand affinity within that community.

This is just one example of the millions of unpredictive interaction models consumers have a hand in. The use of technology within people’s lifestyles and communication patterns is increasing the multitude of conduits and experiences within these interaction models on a daily basis. In an unpredictive world, demographic isn’t enough. Relevance is the new demographic.