Phenomblue is a full-service agency using strategy, creative and technology to connect people and brands.

Since William Taylor founded the first ad agency in 1786, advertisers have analyzed the prevailing social, cultural and marketplace trends in search of consumer insights. Good agencies aligned brands with the trends they found. Groundbreaking agencies created those trends. Throughout the 20th century, print ads, radio spots and TV commercials mirrored the culture and grabbed the steering wheel at the same time. A memorable slogan and a generous media budget were enough to turn an obscure company into a star. Just do it. Think small. Buy the world a Coke. In five words or less, brands could enter popular consciousness and create new consumer behaviors. It was all a pretty sweet deal — unless you were a consumer.

This diverse, technology-defined generation is growing faster than ever. We know these people because we are these people.

Then the bell tolled. New devices and social platforms brought the world to people’s hands and shifted the power from brands to consumers. The rise of digital ushered in an evolved, informed generation calling for relevance, utility and authenticity, a generation that cannot be defined by age or affluence. They are not a demographic. They are human beings influenced by the convergence of technology with everyday life. They stand out on the edge and inspire their families, peers, neighbors and colleagues to adopt new behaviors. They are trendsetters.

This diverse, technology-defined generation is growing faster than ever. We know these people because we are these people. We use our expertise to cultivate desire through design, package meaningful stories into tangible experiences and provide utility via the devices people use every day. If the technology to facilitate an authentic interaction doesn’t exist yet, we invent it. We are an agency of dreamers, innovators and creators working to connect people and brands. We are the trendsetters.

They Spend $200 Billion Annually

Internet Devices

This group has an increasing dependency on mobile connected devices. On average, members of this group own two to three devices per person and more than 75% of them are comfortable making small and large (>$500) purchases on these devices. More than 40% of this group uses the internet to make 75% of their life decisions.

They Spend $200 Billion Annually


Over 90% of this group’s media interactions are screen-based and this group spends more than 4 hours of leisure time in front of screens each day. 80% of this group report using two or more internet devices while watching television. This group wants to contribute to the content they consume, and they have the attention span to commit to doing it. For this group, the average time spent per interaction on their smart phone is 17 minutes and over 30 minutes on a tablet.

They Spend $200 Billion Annually

Brand Loyalty

This group forms fierce brand loyalty, with 70% saying they always come back to the brands they love. 40% of this group also claimed a preference for buying local, even if these goods or services were more expensive than mass-market alternatives. This is a group that’s willing to pay for what they care about. This group is reinventing the boutique shop both on and offline.

They Spend $200 Billion Annually

Purchase Decisions

Whether in person or online, this group is making near term and future purchase decisions constantly. 80% of smart phone use for this group is spontaneous, and more than 40% of that activity is search related to accomplishing a goal. These spontaneous “micro-moments” contribute to more than 80% of smart phone shopping, which is 59% of in-home purchasing for this group.

They Spend $200 Billion Annually

Trusting Strangers

This is a group defined by the groups they associate with. 84% of this group said social opinions influence their purchase decisions, and 51% said they trust "strangers" more than friends. Social structures and complex interaction models define the “herd” movement of this group’s activity.

They will spend $10 trillion over their lifetime

Spending Approach

This group consistently bucks spending trends valuing a different experience. For example, in an otherwise flat travel marketplace, this group’s spending has risen more than 34% since 2009 making them the fastest growing segment today. However, driving this growth is not an increase in dispensable income nor is it hotel property renovations or increased amenities. It’s the increased popularity of tools like Yelp and the adoption of new services like AirBNB. This group of explorers values the journey over the destination.

This is our focus: helping brands provide real utility to consumers. We do that through interfaces. We do that through software.

We are a brand experience agency.

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