Plan. Transcend. Succeed.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Consulting firms offer big ideas without executing. Agencies execute from briefs, but don’t know why. We believe both are table stakes. Our firm is different. The ability to define and execute measurable, strategic plans differentiates us in today’s market. We ensure goals are more than just wishes.

Creative from strategy. Results over activity.

As digital pioneers and connected communication consultants, we’re globally admired for our legacy of success and innovation over the past 10 years. We created our PTSApproach™ to build brands for the connected age. Whether a brand is starting from scratch or connecting the dots, our industry-leading proprietary engagement platform provides the tools and experts needed to create a detailed strategy that can be socialized to everyone and executed by anyone. The result is world-class solutions that move the needle.


As part of our initial planning phase, we identify where an organization stands and a destination for where it is going. Collaborative strategy sessions, interviews, internal evaluations and other immersive tasks allow our team to effectively articulate and clarify short- and long-term goals. We translate this information into a Future Picture Statement (FPS), a concise measurable definition of success. This sets the strategy and serves as a backbone throughout the process.


Guided by the completed FPS, the tactical ideation process begins. We work collaboratively with clients, creating the processes, change management and brand experiences that collectively bring the strategy to life. This is where solutions are defined and tactical planning is delivered.


With measurements from the FPS, approved tactics and an engaged, aligned team, we execute. To ensure the ongoing integrity of our efforts, we establish governance and accountability processes, as well as a plan for ongoing compliance. Working jointly with the client throughout the lifetime of the FPS, we monitor and prioritize all activities, always searching for effective and efficient solutions to achieve our goals.

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