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Daydreamer was designed as a platform to turn movement into sound and in the end, it was a conduit for the deaf to take part in one of the most fundamental human experiences — making music.

About the Work

Iowa School for the Deaf prepares students through critical thinking, free inquiry, open communication and broad participation. Through sign language, students paint pictures with words — they’re highly visual learners. With vibrations created from rhythm and bass, they feel the sound others can hear. Similarly, Daydreamer gave these students the opportunity to create music they can see and feel through their own movements.

The experience is controlled through a Natural User Interface using the Microsoft Kinect. Thanks to the device’s RGB camera and depth camera, the Kinect is capable of tracking the movement of people and objects in three dimensions. We paired open-source drivers, body motion tracking frameworks and audio samples to produce this interactive art experience. The concept and game were developed as part of Signature Reserve, a project that grew from Phenomblue’s commitment to research and development.

We were proud to partner with Iowa School for the Deaf on this innovative endeavor to encourage exploration, learning and interaction among classmates. Daydreamer provided a fun musical experience for students and fulfilled the school’s strategic plan priorities of student success, educational excellence and impact. 

What We Did

  • 3-D/VFX
  • Adobe Flash Platform Development
  • Animation
  • Environmental Design
  • Public Installation
  • Sound Design
  • Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design