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Movie Lotto

What was once a major social event, today’s theater experience is isolated and cold. Movie Lotto is a pre-movie entertainment platform that drives audience interaction and encourages more trips to the concession stand.

About the Work

In today’s movie theaters, audiences sit idly by waiting to be entertained before the previews begin. Moviegoers already have their phones out, sending a few last minute texts. Audiences can play Movie Lotto with their smartphones by texting the entry number and scratching off a virtual ticket. As players scratch away on their phones, hoping to win, the results are displayed in real-time on the movie screen. Winners are awarded barcodes on their phones that can be redeemed at the concession stand. There you have it — pre-movie entertainment that provides an incentive for arriving early, challenges theater etiquette and gets the audience interacting.

Movie Lotto is an example of Mobile Projection Gaming, which allows multiple users to interact with one single screen through their handheld devices. The concept and game were developed as part of Signature Reserve, a project that grew from Phenomblue’s commitment to research and development. As a 2012 Digital Out-of-Home Awards Finalist, Movie Lotto competed against a 15,000-square foot interactive billboard in Times Square for the new Audi A7 model and a location-based game at Six Flags theme parks created in partnership with Ask.com — not bad for an agency’s internal passion project.

What We Did

  • HTML5 Development
  • Interface Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design